Panzerfaust 3

I just started another personal project, I wanted to make something simple, a weapon that I could finish in my free time, so I have chosen a modern Panzerfaust 3 antitank launcher, with 3 types of warheads and 2 interchangeable scopes. Here is the first texture pass for the warheads, one is an antitank, High Explosive german warhead and the other one is a chinese anti personnel M18 warhead, both are pretty worn as my plan is to include them in Fallout 4 as a mod. Next step is to finishing the highpoly for the third warhead, an experimental nuclear round, and give the current rounds another texture pass.


Call of Duty WWII

The team at elite3d is very excited to announce that we assisted with art for Call of Duty®: WWII!” This is the latest project where I have been working at elite3d as a Prop artist!

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Big news, I can finally tell you guys what me and the guys at Elite3D have been working  on..
So I’m really proud to announce that I have been part of the awesome art team at Elite3D, working as a junior prop and vehicle artist on Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered!
Hope you guys enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed working on it; really good work, team!

Woah! my first shipped AAA game!! this is a dream come true, and is all thanks to the amazing people at Elite3d, for the opportunity they gave me, also thanks to the people at Infinity Ward, Activision, Beenox, Raven, and all the people who worked hard to make this happen; lets keep the art machine rolling!

PS: Thanks to the guys at Beenox for this beauty!

Hogwarts Express #4

New year, new blog entry!
I Know I don’t update this blog as much as I should but, work keeps me really busy! 😦
Last entry I told you guys that I was having a little trip to London and that I may have the opportunity to take some pictures of the actual train used in the movies…Well I came back a few months ago and I have some nice photos to show!
First of all London was amazing, the city is vibrant and beautiful but too packed with people for my taste! I visited all the cool places that I could in a short week, plus I went to a little countryside trip to Oxford, the Cotswolds (amazing views) and Stratford-upon-Avon (birthplace of Shakespeare).


But I reserved one of the most interesting places to visit for the last day; I’m talking of course about the Warner Bros Film Studios, where all the Harry Potter movies where actually filmed, let me tell you something, that place is amazing, we though that the tour will take only a few hours but, boy we were wrong!
The place is huge! you will probably need more than a single day to see everything, and everything there, every prop, every costume was actually used in the movie, they also show you some really cool facts and info on how the movies where filmed, I think it’s a very interesting place to visit even if you don’t  like the Harry Potter films.

So let’s get to the cool part…yes there was the original train used in the movies, and yes I took tons of photos (my phone and camera batteries where dead by the end of the tour), so here are some of the close up photos I took:


I actually talked with the security chief of the studios and asked him if I could jump on the loco cabin to take some close up photos of that sneaky engine and the controls but unfortunately that was not possible, anyways big thanks to the security guys and the guides, they were really kind, they answered all my questions and they allowed me to take some amazing photos of floors, rivets and handles while everybody else were taking family photos! 😛

Finally I haven’t had a lot of time to keep working on the train model since I came back, but I can tell you that minor changes have been made to the design thanks to the new references 🙂 and that the lowpoly version and UV mapping of the loco its almost done!

See ya on the next blog entry, cheers!

Hogwarts Express #3

Hi everybody, as I have mentioned in  my latest entry of the blog I have been really busy with working full time for Elite3D, so I only had time to work on the project in my free time (wich is really scarce nowadays). But I have been making some progress on the highpoly version of the “Coal Tender”, still need a little bit of work but I finally have something solid here:


I plan to add the coal later on with a highpoly mesh made in ZBrush and baked into a tileable texture, but for now I have started to focus more on the MKI British carriages, as they are going to be a vital part of the model, I have some cool ideas for them, you’ll see!

Aaaaaand in other news…..I’m going to London next week!

I have been planning this little trip for a while with my pal Aleix Merlos Vela, we are going to see the city (first time for me!), and all the cool stuff it has to offer, and we will also make a little trip to Oxford and the Cotswolds, I need some fresh air and countryside or I’ll go mad.

But the best thing is that we also have tickets for a tour to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios! Which includes…….yes, you guessed right, a trip in a full size replica of the Hogwart Express; soooo yeap, I’m going to be taking tooooons of super close-up photos for reference, and probably this will mean small changes in the final design; exciting!


Hogwarts Express #2

After a few sessions of hard surface modelling I finally have the final High-poly version of the loco!


Using the original blueprints as a base reference for scale and proportions I started by doing a blockout mesh that will also help me to compose the main scene and environment in UE4 later on, then I turned the blockout into a basic lowpoly mesh and started to add the supporting geometry needed to turn the base mesh into a Highpoly mesh.

Before adding any detail to the mesh I usually plan beforehand what kind of details I can add with floating geometry, floating geometry is a great way to easily add details into a mesh. I also made my own small kitbash for this piece consisting in various screws, bolts cables and other mechanical pieces that will help me to build the model without having to model every piece as unique; I would say that the most difficult parts to make was the undercarriage as it is really difficult to find clear and consistent references for that part, so I cheated a little bit and improvised the details with my kitbash.
Although my main motto for this piece was to make it as close as posible to the original loco, some small parts had to be changed or obviated, for the sake of a smooth workflow, easier retopology, and optimization later on.

Hogwarts Express #1

I have been a big fan of the Harry Potter franchise since my childhood, the magic world of wizards and witches concieved by J.K Rowling has always fascinated me and I have spend hours lost in the magic contained between the pages of the books. So as a big Harry Potter fan and hard surface entusiast, I have decided to give a proper tribute to the franchise by recreating one of the most famous trains of all times: The Hogwarts Express.

The plan is to recreate the main loco with high detail as well as the coal tender and the passenger car, and set up a small scene in Unreal Engine 4 recreating part of King’s Cross Station.

Now, after a small research I discovered that the main loco used in the movies is a “4900 class 5972 Olton Hall”, a 4-6-0 steam locomotive made by the british railway company “Great Western Railway”, GWR made a significant amount of steam locomotives since 1833 and a lot of their designs have similarities between them. The engines where divided in various classes depending on their configuration, classes like “King” class, “Castle” class and “Hall” class; a fun fact is that during the movie filming the Hogwarts Express engine was unoficially renamed from Hall class to Castle class just so it could be read “Hogwarts Castle” in the nameplates; The renaming as “Castle” has become a railway preservation joke: “The Hall that thinks it’s a Castle”, the engine was also repainted into a crimsom non-standard color for the movie.
The Olton Hall was designed by Charles Collet and built in 1937 by GWR Swindon Works, and had is last run in 2014.

Here is the original blueprint of the 4900 loco model.


Fortunately, due to the train fame, it wasn’t dificult to find a lot of image references of the real train from various angles. The Universal Studios Orlando Resort have reacreated a few of the Harry Potter movie experiences for the public to enjoy, and one of them is a full ride in one of the Hogwarts Express replicas, wich are also a useful source of reference. I also was lucky enough to have the oportunity to visit the National Railway Museum in York, UK, last year; and I managed to collect a fairly amount of steam locomotives references, (always bring your camera with you in your travels!)

Now that I have a good reference sheet and moodboard, I can finally start modelling!

Loco Moodboard



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