Title: 65North

Studio: AKKU Team

Year: 2014

Official website: http://game65north.wordpress.com/

65North is a third person, Survival Horror game for PC, that takes place in a secret prison in the Bering Strait, the player must use stealth and avoid the deadly and insane inmates, while he tries to escape from the prison. The game uses next gen technology, such as PBR, thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 4 by Epic.

I was responsible of the Environment and Prop Art, as well as Screenwriting, I also took active part in Production and Game Design.

I worked in collaboration with other members of the art team like Francisco Garcia Castiglioni (Environment & Technical Art), Carlos Villalba Viguer (Character & Lighting Art) and Vicente Molina Pardo (Character Art & Animation), the game was made in less than 10 months as a final year project, for our HND in Computer Games Animation at ESAT School.

Official Teaser:

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