Hogwarts Express #1

I have been a big fan of the Harry Potter franchise since my childhood, the magic world of wizards and witches concieved by J.K Rowling has always fascinated me and I have spend hours lost in the magic contained between the pages of the books. So has a big Harry Potter fan and hard surface entusiast I have decided to give a proper tribute to the franchise by recreating one of the most famous trains of all times: The Hogwarts Express.

The plan is to recreate the main loco with high detail as well as the passenger car, and set up a small scene in Unreal Engine 4 recreating par of King’s Cross Station.

Now, after a small research I discovered that the main loco used in the movies is a “4900 class 5972 Olton Hall” made by the british railway company “Great Western Rail”, GWR made a significant amount of steam locomotives since 1833 and a lot of their designs have similarities between them. The Olton Hall was designed by¬†Charles Collet and built in 1937 by GWR Swindon Works, and had is last run in 2014.

Here is the original blueprint of the 4900 loco model.



Fortunately, due to the train fame, it wasn’t dificult to find image reference of the real train from various angles. The Universal Studios Orlando Resort have reacreated a few of the Harry Potter movie experiences for the public to enjoy, and one of them is a full ride in one of the Hogwarts Express replicas, wich are also a useful source of reference. I was lucky enough to have the oportunity to make a visit to the National Railway Museum in York, UK, last year; and I managed to collect a fairly amount of steam locomotives references, (always bring your camera with you in your travels!)

Now that I have a good reference sheet and moodboard, I can finally start modelling!

Loco Moodboard